marți, 14 septembrie 2010


Oh, she says I'd like to turn myself, as she stares into the windowpane,
And if only I could be myself, but I'm sure you'd do the same to me.
I was only a guest that she wanted, it was more than that she flaunted.

It's away, to you,
Away, to you.

So I pleaded, she needed to be herself,
and she dipped into his wishing well.
At any moment, any moment the sounds of the midnight train,
will be the mating call of his whippoorwill.

Should she wait 'cause her father drinks too much
had her paint thinner laced with his sleeping pills.

She'll find a way, to me
away, to me.

So she dreamed away.

From these small streets,
and to where they lead,
and the holes that bleed,
from where she taunts me,
cause of these stained sheets,
lets dream away.

And from my small tower,
every hour, seemed to take the day,
and so she dreamed away.

Oh, baby don't you that you're good enough?
Baby, don't you think that you're bright enough?
Baby, don't you think that you're good enough?
Don't you think that you think that you're good enough, for you?