miercuri, 7 octombrie 2009

That kind of feeling

I feel strange. No, actually, i feel something that i can't quite describe. It's like i know what it is, i know what it does but i don't know the proper words to describe it. Why in English you say? Probably 'cause i hope the right words are somewhere in here. And the words that are coming out of my fingers/mind today are in English. Don't really know why. Don't care.
Staring at the cold truth....come on, no one really does this. Why should they when it's so easy to avoid everything that doesn't go with the program. It's like staring in a mirror all the time and frankly, i'm kinda sick of it. I hate mirrors or i hate what i see in them? Does a mirror really catch the truth in one's image or does it show what you want or worse, what you don't want to see.
I disagree. With what? With everything i've said above. With every thought that is one second old. This is just an exercise of will if you want. It's just a way to express whatever doesn't work inside my mind. Resting on a bench in a park in wait of things to come does bring a closer to truth perception on events. I can't deny in this reality or any other everything that i am but most importantly, everything that i am not.