marți, 24 august 2010

Another freak on a leash

Something takes a part of me
Something I've lost, something never seen
And every time I start to believe
Something's raped and taken from me

Life's kinda always been messing with me
I've never wanted to see your light
So how can I believe your promise
Can you really fill this hole in me?
I've tried to every night, but it's all in vain

Sometimes I cannot take this place
Sometimes it's my life I can't taste
Sometimes I cannot feel my face
But you'll never see me fall from grace

Something takes a part of me
Were you and I ever meant to be?
Are you that part taken from me?

Feeling like a freak on a leash
Feeling like I have no release
How many times have I felt diseased?
Nothing in my life is free
How else could it be?