joi, 7 octombrie 2010

Fighting you

If I'd known it is the only time
I would see your face
Then we'd celebrate
When I'm alone living is only time
'Till I see your face
Though it's not today

When I'm alone it is the only time
I will see your face
When I'm desperate
Now I'm alone building my holy shrine
Where I'll see your face
And then contemplate

If everything that's new is a lie
It's that same damn morning
And the same damn sky

All I do brings me close to you
Whatever you'd ask me to
Though I can't take back what's taken from me
All I see becomes a part of me
And even if you don't believe
Well I'll see you where the river meets us

Fighting the tide that takes me home
Only dreaming of the day
When the world will go away
A world that's full of pain
We fight the fight so that might know the fear of our mortality
If you breathe between the waves
You will end up in a lake